Two compelling improvisers emerging from London’s jazz scene, James Kitchman (UK) & Sylvia Schmidt (DE) are an accomplished guitar-vocal duo. Originally drawn together by the richness and variety of the jazz tradition, they have recently explored more diverse sources of inspiration, including Anglo-American folk ballads of the Appalachian mountains. Their sound embraces the dynamic tension between forces of preservation and transformation, creating a space in which the haunting beauty of nostalgia and irresistibility of change intersect. The debut album As Long As Songbirds Sing is due for release in 2020.

9 July 2019: Woodburner Folk night @ Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, London, 7pm

2 February 2020: Double bill w/ Birdworld @ Cooper Hall, Frome, 7pm

3 March 2020: Pear ‘O Legs Records Presents @ The Harrison, London, 8pm

“It is profound and enchanting to hear her voice, sweet as liquid gold, and James’s gentle and receptive guitar playing, filling the air with the resonance of distant lands, inviting timeless meanings.”
Recent online review of appearance at EFG London Jazz Festival by author Peter Stickland

DUAL9560-2photo by Alex Bonney

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