James Kitchman First Quartet
A new group featuring a cast of London’s finest improvisers: pianist Bruno Heinen (London Symphony Orchestra); bassist Tom McCredie (Elliot Galvin); and drummer Shane Forbes (Empirical). They play James’ compositions which draw influence from the variety of musical worlds he traverses; from classic jazz, to chamber music, to contemporary folk. Improvisation and empathic listening is at the core of the group’s spirit; conjuring a sound that is at once stark and refreshing.

Kitchman / Schmidt
James Kitchman (UK) and Sylvia Schmidt (DE) are a guitar-vocal duo whose original sound
embraces the dynamic tension between forces of preservation and transformation. Two
compelling musicians drawn together by an expansive approach to song and interpretation,
they share an affinity for the Anglo-American folk songs of the Appalachian mountains. The
debut album ‘As Long As Songbirds Sing’ was released in 2020 to critical acclaim, and includes the
track ‘I Wonder As I Wander’ which was selected by BBC Radio 3 to be aired on
Christmas eve.

Southern Cone Quintet
Southern Cone Quintet takes its name from the geographical area of the same name, embracing the countries of Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. The Southern Cone has a rich and diverse musical tradition, with genres including Tango, Cueca, and Candombe, as well as indigenous ethnic forms such as Mapuche music.

It is from this rich earth that the Southern Cone Quintet draws its inspiration. The repertoire consists of re-arrangements of pieces from a wide variety of sources. From twentieth century composers like Astor Piazzolla and Violeta Parra, to traditional folk songs and ancient native chants. While the style resembles Nuevo Tango, it could also be described as “Nueva Cueca” or “Nuevo Candombe”.

Led by Scottish saxophonist Jonathan Chung, the group brings together the creative minds of guitarist James Kitchman and drummer Corrie Dick. Influenced by the jazz, rock and folk worlds, the band performs Jonathan’s emotionally sophisticated compositions with reverence and abandon, intricately weaving together moments of sonic bliss and euphoric rock-outs. With improvisation at the heart of each performance, Jonathan, Corrie and James are unified in creating original interpretations that inspire fresh stories to unravel within the listener’s imagination…